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Eco Gloves is the world leader in providing eco-friendly hand protection solutions. We are the first to offer biodegradable and compostable gloves in a convenient individually packed form factor and we continue to innovate new solutions to meet the demands of our direct consumers and corporate partners every day.

At Eco Gloves we are proud to offer innovative and eco-friendly products that allow people to live healthier, cleaner and hassle-free lives. We apply technology and expertise across a spectrum of industries to produce eco-friendly hand protection equipment that rigorously meets industry standards and consumer expectations. From use of plant-based and biodegradable materials to ensuring the reduction of waste and cost in the supply chain, our greatest goal is to achieve the greatest efficiencies for the peace of mind of our consumers and good of our earth.


Eco Gloves was founded by a busy mom who was concerned with handling messy things and germy items while caring for her newborn baby. She wanted to take every precaution to minimize the chances of exposure to germs, that's why she created Eco Gloves. All the while, she wanted a product that was eco-friendly and that wouldn’t contribute to the overall plastic waste in the world. What started out as a simple daily need has turned into a proud product she has found that all moms, men and professionals could use.


Many of today’s “disposable” goods are made from plastics that can stay in landfills for 1,000+ years. These plastics are also are derived from oil and gas that take millions of years to replenish and release harmful toxins into the environment. The refining and processing of oil and gas creates harmful air, water, and land pollution.

The solution? Environmentally sustainable products that are manufactured responsibly and ethically. Eco Gloves takes a holistic approach to the entire supply chain of glove manufacturing, from Rain Alliance Certified cardboard in our boxes, to advanced plant based biopolymers that are not only strong and durable, but break down in composting environments. We oversee the sourcing of raw materials, amount of pollution that a factory generates, and recommendations to our end consumer on how to properly compost their waste.

“There are billions of PPE gloves and masks polluting landfills because of the global COV-ID 19 pandemic. We need to do our part and understand the full environmental impacts of the waste we’re creating.” - Founder of Eco Gloves, Patty Maganis.

Recycling is not enough to stop the large amount of plastic pollution. We know the harmful effects and for decades we have tried to minimize this.

“Of the 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic that has been produced, 6.3 billion metric tons has become plastic waste. Of that, only nine percent has been recycled. The vast majority—79 percent—is accumulating in landfills or sloughing off in the natural environment as litter.” - National Geographic

Compostable Products are the Future. Compostable means that a product is capable of breaking down into natural elements in a compost environment. Per ASTM standards, the breakdown process usually takes about 90 days and causes no harm to the environment. Compostable products yield CO2, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass that leave no visible, distinguishable, or toxic residue. That is what we do at Eco Gloves, our research and development team are pioneers in advanced plant based polymers that minimize our environmental impact on the environment.

Join us in creating an environmentally sustainable future by using Eco Gloves in your home and business.

“There are billions of PPE gloves and masks polluting landfills because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. We need to do our part and understand the full environmental impacts of the waste we’re creating.”



Made with plant-based and 100% compostable materials and the highest glove standards, our premium eco-friendly glove products protect your hands so you don’t have to worry about what you’re getting into. Because wanting stay clean while caring for the earth should always be the goal. At least, if you ask us.






We work hard to ensure that our products are made with a responsible combination of materials—materials that not only provide thickness and durability to protect your hands, but also protect our environment.

  • We make intelligent, responsible raw material choices, and whenever possible, we obtain materials from annually renewable plant resources such like cornstarch and vegetables like cassava, sugarcane, soy and other bio-based proprietary components that are better for the environment. Keep in mind that sometimes we opt not to use a plant-derived or compostable material for reasons related to efficacy, consistency and safety.
  • Our gloves never contain latex, powder, parabens, phthalates, petroleum distillates, or artificial colorants.
  • Our gloves are 100% certified compostable meaning they have passed the ASTM 6400 (international) and EN 13432 (European) standards for home and commercial composting. These certification ensure that the composition of our material allows biodegrading to a minimum of 90%. The resulting product will turn into biomass, CO2 and water, as part of the degradation process.
  • And because our gloves are made from plant-based natural materials the production process emits less carbon than the traditional standard plastics, latex and nitrile alternatives out there.