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Are you looking to help save the world and make side income as an affiliate? Learn more about Eco Gloves brand ambassador & affiliate program by watching this video.

What's In It For You?

🎁 Gifted products in exchange for social media & blog posts 

🌎 Support the earth and help the world go eco-friendly 

πŸ’° Earn a % percentage of the sales gained from your promotion 

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦ Join a community of like-minded individuals

πŸ“£ Get exposure to your social media channels

Disposable Gloves Industry Size

The Disposable Gloves Industry is a $12 Billion Dollar Industry

Earn a % percentage off all sales generated through your unique link. Businesses can spend hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars every year in disposable gloves.

The industries with the largest disposable glove use include medical, foodservice, cleaning, beauty (tattoo, hair/nail salon), manufacturing, automotive, and gardening. Help these businesses go eco-friendly and get paid for every sale. These purchases are also recurring orders.

Support Your Local Organizations & Charities

Eco Gloves is also a supporter of global initiatives such as beach clean-ups, recycling programs, feed the homeless, and more. Help us give back to these organizations by becoming an Eco Gloves brand ambassador. 

Earn Money & Support a Good Cause 

Businesses are Buying Large Amounts of Disposable Gloves Every Year

Eco Gloves is disrupting an large and growing industry by being the brand name people can trust and rely on.

Disposable Gloves are a Recurring Product

Businesses go through disposable gloves on a regular basis and constantly need to purchase.

Environmental Impact & Sustainability is Growing

We know the future is going eco-friendly. Be one of the first to jump on the growing trend and movement.

Examples of Content to Create


Product review videos are a great way to communicate to potential buyers the benefits of Eco Gloves and how they compare to traditional disposable gloves that are available on the market..

Create Educational SEO Blog Posts That Drive Traffic

Google is the largest search engine that drives billions of visitiors everyday to relevant websites. This is an example of our brand ambassador, Pretty Organic Girl, that created an educational website about Eco Gloves and shares her unique 15% off code.


Lists are great ways to highlight how Eco Gloves are an industry leading choice when it comes to disposable gloves. This is an example of how KTLA, a major news TV station, chose Eco Gloves as the best and favorite compostable disposable gloves. You can earn affiliate commissions through your unique referral code.

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