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When it comes to disposable gloves, not all gloves are made equal. At Eco Gloves, we believe that protection means not only protection for the wearer and general public, but also care for the environment. Eco Gloves is proud to introduce to the world our collection of Revive Compostable GlovesRevive Compostable Gloves provide the same performance and durability as regular polyethylene gloves, but are better for the environment, as they can break down within 120 days (based on ASTM 6400 standards) compared to 20-400+ years it takes for regular plastic gloves. Our Revive™ Compostable Gloves lineup includes our Bulk Box Disposable Plant-Based Compostable Gloves and our Individually Wrapped Plant-Based Compostable Gloves.

Eco Gloves' Revive Compostable Gloves is our commitment to making the world a better place. It is our solution to reducing reliance on plastic and our answer to reducing glove waste sent to landfills.

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Compostable Gloves

What are Revive™ Compostable Gloves?

Revive™ Compostable Gloves are manufactured using annually renewable resources such as corn, cassava, sugarcane and other bio-based materials. Our gloves are engineered with a proprietary Advanced Biopolymer Technology™ (ABT), which facilitates their biodegradation in composting conditions. The combination of biobased components and Advanced Biopolymer Technology™ ensures that the gloves decompose within a period of 120 days, resulting in no harmful chemicals, microplastics, or toxic residues remaining in the environment.

Why Composting Matters?

When we look at other common items that we use in our daily lives, it can take decades or even centuries for these products to fully decompose. For regular plastic gloves, it can take over 200 years before the gloves are fully degraded. In 2020, 65 billion disposable gloves were used, and with a projected increase in glove usage, this could result in a significant amount of non-degradable waste ending up in landfills. With these types of numbers, it is important to look at not only the production impact, but also the end-of-life consequences some of these gloves have on the environment.

Eco Gloves' Revive™ Compostable Gloves, offers a solution to the issue of glove waste by being compostable. Composting is important because it is a healthy end-of-life solution that does not cause harmful effects on the environment or leave behind toxic residue. Furthermore, composting improves soil fertility and structure, helping to restore ecosystems and reduce waste sent to landfills. Revive™ Compostable Gloves: 1) Reduce the reliance on non-renewable resources making it a more sustainable solution, 2) Use 5% less energy and emits 68% less emissions than traditional plastic gloves, 3) Help divert plastic and synthetic waste from landfills and away from animals and wildlife, 4) Decomposes quickly and does not harm the environment, 5) Help to improve soil fertility and restore ecosystems.
Compostable Glove Features
Compostable Gloves Composting Process

How It Works?

When Eco Gloves' Revive™ Compostable Gloves are disposed of properly in a compost bin or organic bin and transported to an industrial compost facility, they go through a compostable process that breaks the gloves down into natural elements. This process occurs due to the action of microorganisms and other factors such as heat and moisture, and takes place in a compost facility or a well-maintained home compost pile. The breakdown does not cause any harmful effects to the environment, leach any toxic residue, nor produce microplastics due to the gloves' natural plant-based materials.

Per ASTM 6400 and ASTM D6868 standards, the gloves (and packaging) will break down into CO2, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass. After 100% decomposition, the end result is rich organic soil that can be used for gardening and agriculture, landscape design, environmental restoration, horticulture, and waste management.

How Do Eco Gloves' Revive™ Compostable Gloves Compare to Plastic Gloves?

Our Revive™ Compostable Gloves provide the same level of protection, strength, elasticity and durability as synthetic types of plastic gloves. We used the highest quality plant-based raw materials and at 20 microns (0.02mm) thick, many of our customers have found the quality of our Revive™ Compostable Gloves to be superior not only to other compostable gloves on the market, but even amongst polyethylene gloves as well. Check out our strengths and durability comparison to polyethylene gloves video and order samples to see for yourself.

Polyethylene VS Compostable Gloves
Uses of Disposable Gloves

What Can Eco Gloves' Revive™ Compostable Gloves Be Used For?

Eco Gloves' Revive™ Compostable Gloves can be used in a variety of applications, including food handling, cleaning, pet care, automotive, crafting, hair dressing, and basically in place of any situation where typical plastic disposable gloves are used.

Support a More Sustainable Future with Eco Gloves' Revive™ Compostable Gloves

Many of today’s “disposable” goods are made from plastics that can stay in landfills for 1,000+ years. These plastics are also derived from oil and gas that take millions of years to replenish and release harmful toxins into the environment. The refining and processing of oil and gas creates harmful air, water, and land pollution. Not to mention, the end-of-life reality for many of these synthetic material gloves is that they will stick around in the environment for decades, if not centuries.

By composting gloves, we can turn a previously one-way process of disposable waste into a closed loop that returns nutrient-rich fertilizer to our communities. This creates a circular economy, as the Eco Gloves' Revive™ Compostable Gloves have a second use as compost after they have reached the end of their life as gloves.

Now you can revitalize the world with our lineup of Revive™ Compostable Gloves. Let’s help support a more sustainable future for our families, communities and planet together by turning #GlovesToCompost


All of Eco Gloves' Revive™ Compostable are tested to the ASTM 6400 standard and packaging to the ASTM D6868 standard - these items will break down in a compost environment within approximately 120 days.


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Our gloves are considered compostable, and will only break down in a proper compost environment. The ideal conditions for composting require high heat and moisture, which can only be maintained in commercial compost facilities. These facilities also have the necessary soil bacteria, yeast, and fungi to completely break down compostable bioplastics.

Advanced Biopolymer Technology™ is our own proprietary ingredient additive that is organic and non-toxic and helps the gloves break down the accelerated rate of approximately 120 days in a compost environment.

No, Eco Gloves' Revive™ Compostable Gloves provide the same performance and durability as regular plastic gloves.

The material is designed to only degrade or break down in a compost environment and will not degrade under normal storage conditions. In other words, they will break down into carbon dioxide and water only when all essential parts of the compost process are present in the right circumstances. This would include the presence of microorganisms, carbon, water, oxygen and temperatures of over 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is typically what is present in an industrial composting environment.

Though as the gloves are made from starchy materials, the seams can weaken over time once the gloves exceed their shelf life, which is natural for starch-based compostable products.

As a best practice, we recommend storing these gloves, as with all compostable bioplastics, in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight. Limiting exposure to high temperatures and humidity helps to prolong the shelf life of the gloves and reduce any concerns of premature aging.

Our compostable gloves have a shelf life of 12 months so we typically recommend purchasing only as many as you can use/sell within 9 months to avoid any concerns of degradation in structure or quality.

Due to the gloves' natural plant-based materials, our gloves do not break down into microplastics when composted. In fact, testing the product against the ASTM 6400 standard is part of the certification requirements to ensure compostable products do not leave behind nano and microplastics.

Yes, they are manufactured and certified to comply with Direct Food Contact Use in accordance with FDA standard FDA 21 CFR 177.1350.

International Standard EN 13432 is the recognized standard for biodegradable plastics, while in the U.S. it is ASTM 6400. Biodegradable plastics adhering to ASTM 6400 standards must pass four phases of testing in order to classify as "Biodegradable" or "Compostable".

Test results by an approved third-party independent lab shows that our Eco Gloves' Revive™ Compostable Gloves meet all ASTM 6400 / EN 13432 requirements: (1) The glove material's volatile content meets the permissible levels and testing requirements, (2) After 12 weeks, composting tests reveal 90% of the material disintegrates to particles smaller than 2mm, (3) After approximately 120 days, biodegradation tests reveal 90% of the material breaks down completely into CO2 and water, (4) Toxicity testing using plant seedlings reveal that the decomposition of our glove materials leaves behind no harmful chemicals, and in fact, serves as rich fertilizer to help plants grow.

For more information on ASTM D6400 and ASTM D6868 standards, click here.

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