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McDonald’s Restaurants Try Eco-Friendly Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves for Drive Thru Fast Food Chains
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Disposable Gloves for the World’s Largest Restaurant Chain

McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast food restaurant chain. Their sourcing supply chain and logistics have massive global effects on our environment. The use of disposable goods is undeniably needed in this type of food business. However, given the growing availability of sustainable disposable products, McDonald’s is now considering how it can make less of an impact on the environment.

Billions of Plastic Disposable Gloves are Polluting Oceans

While it is not easy to roll out eco-friendly sustainable initiatives across the entire company, select McDonald's franchises have been testing eco-friendly disposable gloves for use in various applications.

Disposable Gloves Polluting Oceans

Disposable Gloves for Meat Handling

Requirements for disposable safety & protective gloves in food service restaurants vary by state and county. There are no OSHA or Federal rules that require gloves however, certain McDonald's franchise owners have made the conscious decision to not only protect their workers, but also their guests.

Cross contamination can occur when raw meat and raw vegetables are cut on the same cutting board, this can lead to the spread of harmful bacteria such as salmonella, or E.coli.

Restaurant owners have opted out of using disposable gloves because they increase non-recyclable waste and also have to worry about latex allergies for their employees. Eco Gloves is a solution to these problems, they are latex free and also do not end up in landfills for hundreds of years.

Disposable Gloves for Food Preparation


Food Prep Disposable Gloves

When preparing food for customers, restaurants have instructed their employees to not just use safe hand washing protocols, but also wear disposable gloves to protect themselves and the customers from possible contamination.

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Line Chefs Also Use Disposable Gloves

In a restaurant setting, there are multiple people that interact with the food. The prep cook, line chef, and also front counter employees are all people that would be using disposable gloves. This is the reason why billions of disposable gloves are used per year and a company such as McDonald's goes through hundreds of millions themselves. Franchise owners are making an environmental impact by switching to an eco-friendly disposable glove version.

Wholesale Disposable Gloves for Line Chefs


Food Prep & Janitorial Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves in restaurants are primarily used for someone who has to go back and forth between clean and dirty tasks. The worker that hands your order to you often has multiple jobs during their shift, this can range from serving food to cleaning different work areas. 

Bulk Plastic Disposable Gloves for Restaurant Employees


McDonald's Restaurants are Trying Eco-Friendly Disposable Gloves

Franchise owners are understanding that they use hundreds of thousands of disposable gloves every year at their restaurant. These disposable gloves are affecting the environment and polluting landfills. Eco Gloves are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable gloves that are safer to the planet.

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