Best Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Disposable gloves come in many varieties and serve a wide range of purposes across industries like food service, healthcare, automotive, tattooing, and more. When selecting disposable gloves, key factors to consider are material composition, thickness, durability, comfort, and specialty features needed for the intended application. This guide covers the top disposable glove options available today and their unique qualities.

Best Overall Disposable Gloves: Eco Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Website: Eco Gloves

Eco Gloves are the future of disposable gloves. They’re just as strong and perform just as well as traditional disposable gloves, but they’re also eco-friendly to the environment. Most gloves take 500+ years to break down in landfills, but Eco Gloves break down in just a couple of months.

Eco Gloves have quickly become a top choice for an eco-friendly and effective disposable glove. Key features include:

  • Made from plant-based materials that break down within months in landfills, compared to traditional vinyl and nitrile gloves that can take 500+ years. This makes them far more environmentally friendly.
  • Offer comparable strength and puncture resistance to standard disposable gloves. Eco Gloves undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliable protection.
  • Textured grip on fingers provides enhanced dexterity when handling slippery objects or performing detailed work.
  • Soft, comfortable fit allows for extended wear without hand fatigue.
  • Better airflow from breathable manufacturing reduces hand sweating.

For those seeking a responsible disposable glove option without sacrificing performance, Eco Gloves are a great solution. Their innovative design balances sustainability with durability for all-purpose use.

Best medical disposable gloves - Cranberry Disposable Gloves

Website: Cranberry Disposable Gloves

Cranberry specializes in disposable gloves for infection control and was regarded as the top-of-the-line disposable glove during the COVID pandemic.

Cranberry Disposable Gloves became the go-to option for medical facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing the trusted protection needed by healthcare workers.

Key medical glove features include:

  • Nitrile construction gives superior resistance to rips and punctures from sharp medical instruments. Helps prevent pathogen exposure through the gloves.
  • Textured grip pattern on fingers aids in safely grasping surgical instruments, needles, and other slippery materials.
  • Powder-free manufacturing reduces particle contamination during procedures and lowers irritation risk.
  • Rolled cuff allows gloves to be smoothly pulled on and provides a secure fit around the wrist.
  • Multiple sizes available ensure proper sizing for optimal finger dexterity and comfort.

With their puncture resistance, grip, and total barrier protection, Cranberry medical gloves enable clinicians to perform examinations and procedures with greater safety and precision.

Best purple nitrile exam gloves - Halyard

Website: Halyard Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves

Halyard exam gloves provide healthcare workers with outstanding barrier protection from bacteria, viruses, and chemicals where the risk of fluid exposure is moderate to high. They offer the highest level of chemotherapy protection available in the HALYARD line of nitrile exam gloves. Healthcare professionals in the ER, ICU, lab, and oncology units of acute care facilities, as well as EMS staff, dental clinicians, and cancer center specialists, all rely on PURPLE NITRILE* Exam Gloves. When they see that unique purple color, clinicians know they have protection they can trust, and that gives them the confidence to provide the best care to every patient.

The unique purple color of Halyard’s nitrile exam gloves has made them the standard for healthcare applications where high fluid exposure risk exists. Their key attributes are:

  • Distinctive purple coloration clearly signals the gloves’ chemotherapy protection abilities, giving clinicians visual assurance.
  • Thicker 5 mil material withstands punctures from hypodermic needles and other sharps during procedures.
  • Textured grip improves handling of bodily fluids and grasp of wet instruments to prevent slipping.
  • Full cuff with beaded wrist creates a tight seal against the skin, keeping out contaminants.
  • High-grade nitrile construction delivers industry-leading chemical splash protection.

Halyard’s iconic purple nitrile gloves are the top choice of ER doctors, ICU nurses, lab techs, oncology specialists, and other frontline healthcare workers treating critical cases. The superior defense against biohazards allows uninhibited patient care.

Best latex exam gloves - Curad Latex Exam Gloves

Website: Curad Latex Exam Gloves

Latex gloves are the disposable gloves of choice because of their comfort and performance. However, many people have allergies to latex.

For those not affected by latex allergies, Curad’s latex exam gloves provide exceptional feel and dexterity for general physical examinations and minor outpatient procedures. Benefits include:

  • Natural rubber latex material offers sensitivity similar to bare hands for fine tactile feedback.
  • Ultra-thin construction allows “second skin”-like precision and flexibility.
  • Beaded cuffs create a tight seal on the wrist to prevent fluid runoff inside gloves.
  • Textured fingers supply a confident grip on medical instruments and slippery surfaces.
  • Powder-free manufacturing eliminates potential skin irritation and airborne particle risks.

With their ultra-sensitive latex tactility and supreme comfort, Curad’s exam gloves permit detailed manipulations required in routine doctor visits, basic treatments, and diagnostic screenings.

Most durable disposable gloves - Venom Steel Disposable Gloves

Website: Venom Steel Disposable Gloves

These gloves are great for industrial uses and also for mechanics.

Venom Steel disposable gloves provide extreme puncture resistance for the most demanding industrial and mechanical applications. Key highlights include:

  • Reinforced with an interlocking steel mesh lining across the entire glove surface.
  • Withstand accidental slicing from sharp sheet metal, glass, and power tool blades.
  • Excellent grip in wet, slippery conditions prevents workpiece dropping and injuries.
  • Snug fit around the fingers and wrist keeps gloves firmly in place during rigorous use.
  • Machine washable construction allows repeated use while maintaining protection.

Venom Steel gloves give trade workers, mechanics, and machinists virtually impenetrable armor for their hands when dealing with risky abrasive and sharp materials on the job.

Best automotive disposable gloves - Grease Monkey Disposable Gloves

Website: Grease Monkey Disposable Gloves

Grease Monkey gloves are thick, strong, and hold up to constant puncturing that occurs for mechanics.

Purpose-built for auto repair, Grease Monkey disposable gloves provide heavy-duty defense against automotive fluids and materials. Notable features:

  • Thick nitrile rubber construction prevents tearing from jagged metal and fiberglass edges.
  • Full textured grip pads on fingers and palms for sure handling of oily parts and tools.
  • Snug stretch fit contours to hand for uninhibited flexibility and movement.
  • Excellent chemical resistance to brake fluid, gasoline, solvents, and other caustic automotive chemicals.
  • Black color hides grime so gloves can be worn for prolonged periods during messy repairs.

Grease Monkey disposable gloves allow mechanics to tackle grimy, hazardous auto jobs without sacrificing tactile feel or manueverability like bulkier rubber gloves would. The nitrile material stands up to the unique abuses of wrenching on vehicles.

Most Inexpensive, Best Overall Disposable Gloves - Basic Vinyl Disposable Gloves

Website: Basic Vinyl Disposable Gloves

If you’re looking for a low-cost, and simple vinyl glove for food service and basic protection from elements, this is your glove of choice.

For basic tasks that require inexpensive disposable hand coverage, Basic Vinyl Gloves deliver reliable protection. Key attributes:

  • Made affordably from lightweight and flexible vinyl plastic.
  • Provide a hygienic barrier for food service, general cleaning, painting, and other light DIY uses.
  • Heavy powder coating makes gloves easy to slip on and off quickly.
  • Clear material allows visual inspection of hands when precision handling is needed.
  • Disposable convenience means fresh gloves can be used whenever desired.

As an affordable and versatile glove for minimal hazard applications, Basic Vinyl Gloves get the job done safely without breaking the bank. Their cost-effectiveness makes them a popular pick for schools, restaurants, offices, and home use.

Thickest Rubber Gloves - McMaster-Carr 11 mil oil and acid resistant clean room gloves

Website: McMaster-Carr Rubber Gloves

If you’re working with strong chemicals that are dangerous, you’ll want one of the safest and strongest gloves out there. This is one of them.

McMaster-Carr's 11 mil industrial rubber gloves offer unmatched protection from aggressive chemicals. Key attributes include:

  • Extra thick 11 mil rubber construction provides the ultimate resistance to punctures and rips.
  • Stands up to concentrated acids, caustics, ketones, alcohols, and other dangerous fluids.
  • Hi-vis orange color makes gloves easily visible for enhanced safety.
  • Contoured fingers maintain a comfortable fit for easier dexterity.
  • Extended gauntlet sleeves defend both hands and forearms.

For handling the most potent solvents and harshest chemicals with steel-like impermeability, McMaster-Carr 11 mil gloves are the go-to choice of scientists, chemical plant workers, and hazmat teams.

Thickest Nitrile Gloves - Liberty Glove & Safety 15 mil

Website: Liberty Glove & Safety Nitrile Gloves

The thicker the mil rating, the more durable the glove is. This 15 mil disposable glove is extremely strong. 

With incredible 15 mil thickness, Liberty Safety nitrile disposable gloves provide supreme abrasion, cut, and puncture resistance for heavy industry applications. Features include:

  • Ultra-strong 15 mil nitrile coating permits use around harmful fibers, glass, and metal shards.
  • Excellent grip and fit for securely holding heavy, rough objects.
  • Heat resistant construction allows handling of cold and hot workpieces.
  • Blue color shows dirt and damage so gloves can be changed before compromised.
  • Textured fingertips improve grip on slippery surfaces.

Liberty’s 15 mil nitrile gloves enable materials handling and construction workers to take on the most punishing jobsite conditions while keeping hands safe and comfortable.

Best biodegradable disposable nitrile gloves - Eco Gloves


Website: Eco Gloves Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves

Eco Gloves is an innovator and leader when it comes to biodegradable and eco-friendly gloves. Their nitrile disposable gloves are great for all-around protection and versatility.

Eco Gloves Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves break down fully in landfills within several months, unlike traditional nitrile gloves that last for centuries. Key traits:

  • Provides the same latex-free durability of standard nitrile with grease resistance.
  • Decomposes rapidly to avoid plastic pollution and microplastics contamination.
  • Gripped fingers supply enhanced dexterity and surface control.
  • More breathable than vinyl and latex for reduced sweat buildup inside gloves.
  • Powder-free interior minimizes skin irritation risks.

For those seeking an environmentally responsible nitrile glove, Eco Gloves’ biodegradable option delivers comparable protection to conventional nitrile with zero long-term impact after disposal.

Best compostable disposable gloves - Eco Gloves

Website: Eco Gloves Compostable Gloves

Eco Gloves compostable glove is the most eco-friendly out there. It’s made from plant-based materials that compost both in-home and industrial composting facilities.

Eco Gloves Compostable Gloves take eco-friendliness to the next level, being made totally from plant materials that break down into organic compost. Noteworthy attributes include:

  • Crafted from natural rubber latex and plant cellulose for 100% renewable sourcing.
  • Decomposes fully in commercial and at-home compost bins within several weeks.
  • Provides good grip and dexterity for general handling tasks.
  • Breathable manufacturing helps reduce hand moisture buildup.
  • Can be safely used for food preparation and gardening applications.

As the most rapidly disposable and sustainable glove option on the market, Eco Gloves’ compostable gloves make it easy to enjoy responsible hand protection across everyday situations from the garden to the kitchen.

Best foodservice disposable gloves - C2 Hybrid

Website: C2 Hybrid Foodservice Gloves

If you’re looking for low-cost food service gloves, C2 Hybrid has been the most inexpensive option for business owners.

C2 Hybrid Foodservice Gloves give restaurants and caterers an ideal balance of affordability and performance for food handling. Key perks:

  • Proprietary blend of plastic polymers maximizes durability, stretch, and finger dexterity.
  • Approved for direct contact with all food types unlike natural latex.
  • Extra slippery surface allows easy on and off even with wet hands.
  • White color shows soils and contamination clearly.
  • Rolled cuffs provide secure coverage of wrists and forearms.

As an industry favorite, C2 Hybrid gloves deliver the comfort, hygiene, and convenience needed for efficient culinary work safely within tight budgets.

Most inexpensive disposable nitrile exam gloves - Kirkland Signature

Website: Kirkland Signature Nitrile Exam Gloves

Costco is known for constantly delivering low-cost products. They sell disposable nitrile exam gloves but limit the quantities, so if you are a business owner, you should be purchasing elsewhere.

Costco’s Kirkland Signature Nitrile Exam Gloves provide reliable medical-grade hand protection at discount bulk pricing. Benefits include:

  • Made from 3 mil nitrile for high durability and puncture resistance.
  • Powder-free inside prevents potential skin irritation and reactions.
  • Rolled cuff creates a tight seal around the wrist.
  • Textured fingers improve grip on medical tools and fluids.
  • Blue color indicates gloves are nitrile and latex-free.

While available only in large club store quantities, Kirkland’s nitrile exam gloves deliver impressive clinical barrier defense at costs well below medical supply retailers. Their quality rivals premium name brands at substantial savings.

Best black tattoo disposable gloves - Tat Soul

Website: Tat Soul Black Tattoo Disposable Gloves

One of the largest tattoo supply companies in the world, Tat Soul, makes tattoo-specific disposable gloves.

Tat Soul Black Nitrile Tattoo Gloves provide the visibility and coverage critical for detailed tattoo work. Key features:

  • Made of 3 mil nitrile for comfort along with bloodborne pathogen protection.
  • Black color shows ink smears clearly for precision line work.
  • Rolled cuffs allow pulling gloves on and off quickly between clients.
  • Finger strips improve grip on slippery lubricated skin.
  • Extended length covers wrists and part of forearms.

Purpose-designed for the unique needs of tattoo artists, Tat Soul black nitrile gloves enable long tattoo sessions with uninhibited fine artistry and safety.


With such a wide range of disposable glove types available today, there’s an ideal option for nearly any individual or industry need. Key considerations when selecting gloves include identifying the type of protection required, sizing for proper fit, features like grip and chemical resistance, and specialized qualities for medical, food, or industrial settings. By understanding the strengths of vinyl, nitrile, latex, and alternative disposable glove materials, you can make the right choice providing the hand coverage desired for any situation.


What are the most common materials for disposable gloves?

The most frequent disposable glove materials are vinyl (also called PVC), nitrile, latex, and specialty blends. Vinyl is inexpensive but less durable. Nitrile is puncture-resistant and latex-free. Latex offers the best sensitivity but causes allergies for some. Proprietary blends aim to balance cost, performance, and ecological impact.

Should I choose latex or nitrile disposable gloves?

Nitrile is preferable for most general uses due to its latex-free composition. However, latex disposable gloves provide superior tactile dexterity for detailed medical examinations and procedures for those not impacted by latex allergies.

What thickness of disposable glove should I get?

2-4 mil thickness is suitable for light duties like cleaning and food prep. Medical exam gloves are typically 3-5 mil. Maximum durability industrial gloves used for chemicals are 8-15 mil or more. Measure hand size correctly and match glove thickness to the type of hazard being handled.

Can you wash and reuse disposable gloves?

Some heavy-duty disposable glove types are washable and reusable to an extent, like Venom Steel gloves. However, examination and single-use disposable gloves are intended only for one-time use before disposal for sanitary reasons.

Are eco-friendly disposable gloves as durable?

Yes, leading eco-conscious disposable gloves like Eco Gloves are engineered to match the puncture and tear resistance of traditional vinyl and nitrile while being completely compostable and biodegradable. Going green no longer requires sacrificing performance.

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