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Mobil Fuel Pump Disposable Gloves to Protect Customers

Mobil Fuel Pump Disposable Gloves to Protect Customers

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Fuel Station Disposable Gloves 

Mobil is one of the world’s largest fuel stations for automobiles and trucks. When the pandemic hit, limiting contact with surfaces and protecting customers became a necessity and a priority. In a place where people often think twice about what they touch–the gas pumps handles, door handles, and other public amenities–many customers soon expected there to be an increase in hand sanitizing and protection amenities.

Gas Pump Disposable Protective Gloves

Many gas stations implemented protective fuel gloves next to the pump where customers can put on disposable protective gloves while they fill up their car. This puts customers at ease knowing they are safe at the station and builds customer loyalty knowing that they care. However, going through hundreds of boxes of poly gloves a day became a big waste concern not only for Mobil, but also the eco-minded customers. That’s when Mobil, Irvine and several independent locations decided to go eco-friendly and use Eco Gloves for disposable fuel pump gloves.