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Food Service Disposable Gloves at Chipotle Restaurants

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Did you know that over 375 million gloves are used per year at Chipotle restaurants? That’s approximately 150,000 gloves per store. 95% of these disposable gloves end up in landfills.

There’s a hidden waste problem in the food industry and it’s massive.

Can you guess what produces more waste at Chipotle? Plastic straws, plastic gloves, plastic lids, or water bottles?

Plastic gloves.

Disposable Plastic Gloves Create Massive Waste

Chipotle Restaurants are an excellent example of organization that cares about the environment and constantly looking to improve its sustainability. In their report, they analyze how many tons of waste they create, and how they can move towards compostable and eco-friendly solutions. This includes evaluating their use of disposable gloves, plastic bags, packaging, food donations, produce sourcing, and more.

Restaurant Sustainability at Chipotle

What Creates More Waste? Plastic Straws or Plastic Gloves

In a social media poll that Chipotle shared, they asked followers if they could guess what produces more waste? Plastic straws, plastic gloves, plastic lids, or water bottles. The answer? Plastic gloves. 
Disposable Plastic Gloves

Most social media attention has been put on plastic straws with horrific pictures of a Turtle and a plastic straw in its nose.

Plastic Straws in Ocean with Turtle

Addressing the use of disposable gloves and the waste it creates in ocean's is also very important.

Plastic Disposable Gloves in Ocean

Chipotle Restaurants Cares About Their Guests & the Environment

Most larger restaurant chains have departments and people dedicated to the guest experience and sustainability. Chipotle restaurants did a great job addressing not only safety, but also environmental concerns. Watch the video. 

How are Disposable Gloves Used at Chipotle Restaurants?

Disposable gloves have two main functions in the foodservice industry: One is to protect your hands from potential contaminants and keep you clean. Second is to help you maintain a safe and clean environment for guests.

Chipotle is a leader when it comes to safety first and is taking multiple action steps to protect guests. This includes daily wellness checks, leading food cleanliness standards by wearing gloves at all times, sanitizing high contact surfaces, hand washing between tasks, and more.

Food Service Serving Disposable Gloves

Important Disposable Glove Features

  • Grip - Prevent slippery situations where it is difficult to hold things.
  • Heat Resistant - Workers that are operating next to the grill want disposable gloves that can handle high temperatures.  
  • Durability - Poor quality gloves will separate or open up at the seams by the thumbs.


What are Disposable Gloves Typically Made of?

Here are the most popular materials when it comes to selecting gloves for food prep.

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl Disposable Gloves

Vinyl is also a natural material and is a popular choice. It is ideal for food preparation and is relatively inexpensive. It can handle everything from water to grease. These are commonly used for employees prepping counter service or floor service. They are great for manipulating cold foods such as yogurt or ice cream. 


Poly Gloves

Polyethylene Plastic Disposable Gloves

Polyethylene is a synthetic material that is commonly known as plastic. They are the most economical gloves, thin and made for light-duty tasks and come in handy in settings where frequent glove changes are necessary. These are commonly used in fast food chains, buffets, and sandwich delis where glove changes happen frequently as tasks change. They are convenient, but due to the high usage, can be one of the least earth-friendly options.


Compostable Biodegradable Biopolymer Gloves

Eco-Friendly Disposable Gloves

Biopolymers and Compostable Polymers are essentially bio-based plastics  that are produced from natural sources and chemically synthesized from biological materials. This material resembles plastics visually and tactically but are actually biodegradable or compostable. They are a great alternative to polyethylene gloves because they serve the same function, can be used in food handling and are great for tasks that require frequent glove changing. And what’s even better is that they emit 80% less carbon dioxide in the manufacturing process than petrochemical-based gloves and leave behind no toxins when they break down at the end of their life.

Eco Gloves are a Better Solution for Restaurants

Disposable Gloves that Degrade

Looking to help the earth go eco-friendly and minimize the waste created by disposable gloves? Learn more, and buy Eco Gloves.

What are the Best Disposable Gloves for Food Service?

Different disposable gloves are good for different scenarios, this includes everything from food prep and serving, to grilling and handling money. If you want to learn more about how to choose disposable gloves for your business, click here to read our guide on everything you wanted to know about disposable gloves.

One aspect to remember when choosing gloves are the environmental impacts associated with the use of disposable gloves. While recycling is a good next step in becoming more environmentally sustainable, bio based compostable gloves take it one step further. Compostable gloves turn into soil when properly processed.


Final Thoughts on Food Service Disposable Gloves at Chipotle Restaurants

Gloves are a crucial part of foodservice, ensuring the safety and health of customers worldwide. Chipotle restaurants are doing their part to both protect their employees and also customers.

If you're looking for an eco-friendly disposable glove alternative to plastic disposable gloves, check out Eco Gloves; they’re compostable and biodegradable, so you can minimize your carbon footprint. See how eco gloves can solve your plastic problem, one disposable glove at a time.