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Disposable Gloves for Nail and Beauty Salons

As we round the corner on this pandemic, consumers are embracing a new sense of normality and a return to life ‘outside’. With that, there has been a return to traveling, shopping, and going back to salons for some much needed self-care. With the return to nail and beauty salons, workers and clients alike are expecting a step up in cleanliness, sanitation and protection. And what’s one critical way to protect clients and workers at nail salons? Ensuring hand and skin safety. 

As we know, nail salon workers are in frequent contact with a variety of chemicals from acetone, to alcohol, to nail polish--chemicals that are all potentially harmful and irritating to the skin and body (if ingested accidentally) when handled without gloves. Not only that, but the skin-to-skin touch and close contact with clients can be a concern for both parties. That being said, disposable gloves are a must to protect any client or nail technician. 

Why Nail Technicians Should Wear Gloves in Nail Salons

Disposable gloves are used to protect hands and nails from foreign contaminants. They create a barrier between our vulnerable skin and the bacteria and hazards we encounter on a daily basis. Our daily lives are filled with a bunch of little tasks to complete before the day is done. Disposable, single use gloves can be used to complete these tasks with minimal exposure to the things that shouldn’t be on our hands. They have so many uses for various purposes including gardening, cleaning, automotive repair, cooking, and more. Disposable gloves are also perfect for service industry businesses. Restaurants use them as well as automotive businesses and many more. One specific place disposable gloves can be well utilized is in nail salons and spas. 

Why Are Gloves Used in Salons?

Disposable Gloves for Nail Technicians

Out of all the uses for disposable gloves, using them in a professional setting is one of the most important, especially in nail salons. The use of gloves in salons is beneficial to not only the client receiving the service, but to the technician giving the service as well. By wearing gloves, the technician ensures that their skin, hands, and nails are protected from any chemicals used during the service. Chemical burns and tool cuts are just some of the hazards that nail technicians face on a daily basis. Most technicians prefer to wear gloves, especially during pedicures for sanitary reasons.  In addition, prolonged exposure to these chemicals on skin and hands can affect the health of the technician and lead to adverse reactions. By wearing gloves, they can keep themselves protected from these workplace hazards. In addition to the protection of the nail technician, clients will be protected as well. Even though most technicians sanitize their hands prior to handling a client’s fingers and toes, gloves can add a second layer of defense against the transfer of germs from one person to another. One specific concern in a nail salon and spa is the possibility for an open wound with blood. Sometimes a simple slip or a deeper cut than intended can cause the technician or client to bleed. Blood borne pathogens such as HIV or other diseases can be transferred easily from one person to another. Wearing disposable gloves ensures that both tech and client are safe. 

How to Properly Wear Gloves in a Nail Salon

In a professional nail salon or spa, the use of disposable gloves is very important. As a technician, disposable gloves are very useful in keeping products off your skin, hands, and nails. In an environment with so many chemicals and different bacteria it is important to keep yourself safe. Here are some valuable steps to take when wearing disposable gloves in a nail salon setting.

  • Start with wearing a long sleeve shirt and pants that go below the knee. This will protect your arms and lap from chemicals, dust, and other possibly hazardous materials.
  • Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after working with clients, between using different products, or handling money.
  • Wear eye protection and the appropriate type of disposable gloves. Again, make sure to wash your hands in between each glove change even if you think your hands aren’t dirty.
  • Replace gloves immediately if there is a cut, tear, or hole that rips the glove. This is a doorway for bacteria to enter.
  • Even when wearing gloves, it is important to cover cuts or openings in your skin with a bandage or wrap. If there is a cut in your gloves, bacteria can find its way into your damaged skin. 
  • Throw away used gloves in a marked container to be disposed of properly.

By following these steps, the chances of workplace accidents that affect both technician and client are cut down significantly. Creating a safe and welcoming environment for clients is the top priority for any salon. It keeps clients coming back and raises the chances of them recommending your services to others, gaining you more business. 

Should You Wear Gloves as a Nail Tech?

Disposable Single Use Gloves for Safety

As a nail technician, the workplace is filled with many hazards. Chemicals, dust, sharp tools, and fumes just come with the territory. So, it is all about protecting both parties, technician and client. Not only are the hazards a very good reason to wear disposable gloves, but some technicians also prefer to wear them to protect their own manicure. Without a well-done manicure, it could be difficult to market services and gain new clients. Other technicians prefer to only wear gloves occasionally, only during pedicures, when handling harsh chemicals, or when applying or painting nails due to the tactile nature of the job at hand. Even when wearing gloves occasionally, workplace accidents can be cut back significantly. There are some technicians that use gloves specifically when applying product to client’s skin because they have found more of the product is absorbed into the client’s skin rather than their own. Whatever the reason for wearing gloves in a salon or spa setting, it is very beneficial for both tech and clients to have disposable gloves handy whether everyone is using them or not. Wearing gloves is not required but testing out different options to see if disposable gloves are right for you as a tech is highly encouraged. It can save time and money by keeping everyone safe from hazards and even helping to make clients feel safe. 

Are Disposable Safety Gloves In Beauty Salons A Good Idea?

When we go out in the world, we know that we are going to come in contact with bacteria and other hazards. Of course, we can never be fully protected, but should always do our best to protect ourselves in any situation. In the nail salon whether you are the technician or the client, being aware of the hazards is the first step to being protected. Proper hand washing practices and sanitation methods should be followed at all times, but always act as if they are not. Wearing disposable gloves cannot protect everyone from every hazard but adding them to the salon can definitely help to cut back on workplace accidents and ensure that everyone feels safe and protected. So, just to recap, adding disposable, single use gloves to an already stellar sanitation regimen can keep everyone feeling safe and happy!

Top 5 Best Disposable Gloves for Nail Technicians and Nail Salons

When making a decision to add gloves to any routine, it can be hard to choose the right ones! With so many choices and brands to choose from, understanding the different styles and getting some brand recommendations can really help facilitate a change. You will find hundreds, even thousands of different brands online with a variety of different ratings. How can you narrow it down to the right size and the right brand for each usage? Well luckily, we have done the hard research for you. So, sit back, relax, and let’s jump into the top 5 best gloves for nail technicians. 

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves – These gloves are perfect for protection against chemicals. Nitrile Gloves have the same feel as latex gloves but are much sturdier and higher-quality compared to latex. Nitrile gloves are also a great alternative to latex for those with latex allergies. 



Latex GlovesLatex – Latex gloves are great for limited single use applications. Since they are lightweight, they are perfect for handling acetone, cleaning foot baths, or light clean up around the salon. 




Vinyl GlovesVinyl – Many believe that latex gloves and vinyl gloves are the same, but latex is made from rubber which some have allergies to, and vinyl are made from fully synthetic materials. Because of this, many people opt for vinyl. Vinyl gloves can be used for the same tasks as latex but without the possible allergic reactions.



Poly GlovesPolyethene – Since this type of gloves are great for messy tasks, they are generally used when dealing with skin-to-skin washing, touching or massaging. Polyethene gloves are widely available, budget friendly, but quality and durability can vary from brand to brand. 

Compostable GlovesCompostable Gloves – Similar to Polyethene gloves (but better for the environment), Plant-Based Gloves are great for all messy tasks from cleaning tasks to messier tasks like nail application and pedicures. They are typically just as thick and durable as Polyethene gloves, but are much better for the environment. They are typically made from annually renewable resources like corn and cassava, and they are compostable too. And a great plus is that they are latex-free, BPA-free, powder-free and non-irritating to wear. With all the gloves that need to be used in a business like a nail salon (all the growing plastic waste we're already seeing through the pandemic), going with eco-friendly plant-based gloves is the better choice to protect our environment. 

Where to Buy Disposable Gloves For Nail and Beauty Salons

Now it is up to you to make the decision whether or not to add disposable, single use gloves to your business. Disposable gloves have many uses in a nail salon from cleaning, handling chemicals, touching clients, and applying nails and polish. Not only do they protect technician’s hands, skin, and nails from hazards such as chemical burns, cuts, and blood borne pathogens, they can keep that manicure looking fresh for weeks. Of course, gloves only work when we wear them properly! Following the proper glove wearing procedures and making sure to change gloves in between tasks will quickly make glove wearing second nature. While there are many great reasons to wear gloves, it is also up to personal preference whether or not it will work for you. Some technicians are more tactile than others and gloves can impede their abilities during certain services such as applying acrylic nails and painting polish. Choosing the right gloves for your specific needs is also of utmost importance. Use the guide above to learn about each kind of glove available on the market and what each glove is perfect for. There are even great suggestions, so you have a great point to start testing different gloves in your daily practice. Overall, it is up to you whether you think adding gloves to your salon is a viable option. Also, you may want to consider the added waste that some gloves may bring on your establishment and the environment. Consider choosing an eco-friendly disposable glove option which may be a better alternative for your business and the environment in the long run. Hopefully after learning more about all of the possibilities of disposable single use gloves in a nail salon or spa setting, it has helped you decide what is best for you.