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Daycares and Preschools Adopt Compostable Gloves

Disposable Gloves for Daycares and Preschools

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It should come as no surprise that aside from the food and health industry, schools and educational institutions are some of the biggest users of disposable gloves. Disposable gloves are used in a myriad of tasks from serving food to janitorial cleaning to childcare and diaper changes. With the use of hundreds of gloves per student and per task each day, especially through the pandemic, one has to wonder: how much impact are all these gloves having on the environment?

In Search for an Environmentally Friendly Option

Health Protection at Daycares

One daycare that has pondered this very troubling question is Nelly’s Childcare and Preschool in Campbell, California. “We go through hundreds of gloves a day since we’re in the childcare business. We use gloves for everything from diaper changes to general sanitizing and cleaning of our classrooms. We are looking into more environmentally friendly options for gloves that are relatively comparatively priced on current costs,” said Greisyle, Director of Nelly’s Childcare and Preschool in Campbell, California. Their answer came in the form of Eco Gloves.

Waste Concerns Turns Preschool to Compostable Gloves

With concerns of the high glove use and the environment in mind, they decided to make the switch to compostable gloves. In fact, they decided to buy in bulk not only for cost savings, but to make a long term commitment to switching from polluting plastic gloves to our more eco-friendly and sustainable compostable gloves. “Though we are a small school, we still believe we can make a difference and we hope that more educational institutions will follow in our footsteps to make the switch to environmentally friendly glove options as we did with Eco Gloves, " said the Director.