About Us


Eco Gloves was founded by a busy mom who was concerned with handling messy things and germy items while caring for her newborn baby. She wanted to take every precaution to minimize the chances of exposure to germs, that's why she created Eco Gloves. All the while, she wanted a product that was eco-friendly and that wouldn’t contribute to the overall plastic waste in the world. What started out as a simple daily need has turned into a proud product she has found that all moms, men and professionals could use.


Rooted in the belief that we shouldn't have to sacrifice Mother Earth for convenience, our mission is to help everyone live healthier, cleaner and hassle-free lives with our innovative and eco-friendly products.

Our goal is to produce products with less reliance on traditional earth-polluting materials and move towards solutions that are fully compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable whenever possible.We’re always exploring and evolving to maximize our use of renewable and sustainable resources, which is why we won't stop innovating on our products to meet this goal. When you buy Eco Gloves you contribute to helping keep people clean and healthy, while keeping the ocean and the planet free of unnecessary waste.

Let’s help support a more sustainable future for our families, communities and planet together.