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Introducing Eco Gloves 100% Eco-friendly Compostable Single-Use Gloves

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Eco Gloves has enhanced its market-leading single-use disposable gloves with the introduction of the Eco Gloves Individually Packed Gloves for On the Go.

Eco Gloves 100% Eco-Friendly Compostable Disposable Non - Plastic Gloves

Using Eco Gloves groundbreaking Advanced Bipolymer Technology (ABT) this new Eco Gloves Individually Packed Gloves for On the Go made of 100% plant-based materials provides the same physical properties as traditional plastic gloves—durability, texture, fit and performance along with the same shelf-life, but it won’t take 1000 years to breakdown. 

Eco Gloves are made with 100% biobased materials added with Advanced Bipolymer Technology (ABT) to help the gloves breakdown faster in a composting environment. The additive makes the materials of the gloves attractive to microbial activity resulting in quicker metabolizing and decomposition of the ABT materials into soil enriching compounds—CO2 and water. 

Ideally suited for use in non-hazardous contamination environments, the EU Food Safe approved Individually Packed Gloves will fully biodegrade in approximately 90 days in a contained composting environment.

Eco Gloves leverages the top chemists and research & development teams from around the world that have decades of experience inventing biodegradable materials since the 1990’s. Our plant based bio polymers are specially formulated to be environmentally friendly, and chemically engineered to address the harmful plastic and landfill pollution that is having negative impacts on the environment.

“At Eco Gloves, we obsess over every detail in our products through to our manufacturing processes.” said Eco Gloves Product Development Manager. The result? An ethically manufactured and superior product that starts from raw material sourcing all the way to package labeling.

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