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How Can Businesses Cash In on the Benefits of Compostable Gloves

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The long list of business benefits of plant-based, compostable products continues to grow every day. One of those products is premium quality, biodegradable gloves. Our gloves here at Eco Gloves are made of annually renewable plant resources such as cornstarch and vegetables like cassava, sugarcane, soy, and other bio-based proprietary components that are better for the environment. Once the product has been used, thrown away, and are exposed to enough moisture, they will start the process of composting unlike traditional plastic gloves such as vinyl or nitrile which can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills.

A growing number of businesses throughout the Southern California area and beyond are choosing the benefits of biodegradable gloves over the conventional plastic gloves. Continue reading to learn why more and more Eco Gloves customers are choosing to enjoy the benefits of our quality compostable gloves.  

Compostable Glove Benefits That Save Money  

Did you know that approximately 3.2 million tons of waste is sent to landfills every year that could be diverted into compost? If you are in the food service industry and produce large amounts of food waste, throwing your food into the trash could be costing your business tens of thousands or more in waste shipping costs.

By removing organic materials from your waste and starting a compost, you will immediately start to see the benefits in your monthly bills. If you pair this easy fix with a switch to compostable Eco Gloves for your food prep needs, the costs will go down even further. Just think how easy it will be to toss those gloves in with the compost and not have to worry about the rest.

Benefits of Compostable Gloves on your Brand Image

Another great business benefit of compostable gloves is the green image it can project to your customer base. Today, a growing number of customers are favoring business that make efforts to protect the environment.

According to a recent study of nearly 30,000 people across 35 countries, two thirds of consumers prefer goods and services from companies whose values align with theirs. More than 60% of those surveyed said that they would choose a business committed to reducing plastics and improving the environment. If you're looking for ways to increase profits and impact your bottom line, utilizing compostable gloves and other materials is a great way to start! 

Reduce Your Brand's Carbon Footprint

One of the most commonly talked about compostable product benefits is the reduction of our carbon footprint. Unlike regular plastic, compostable products use minimal carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.

Regular plastics and plastic gloves are produced from oil and create a jaw-dropping four tons of emissions, while compostable products emit a mere .8 tons of carbon. You can see for yourself how much of a positive difference the manufacturing of compostable gloves makes on the environment.

Compostable Gloves Save Precious Landfill Space

When non-compostable gloves are discarded, they're simply taken to landfills where they can remain for hundreds of years. Especially during the recent pandemic, where disposable plastic gloves are being used as PPE and thrown away carelessly. Wouldn’t it be nice to use this land for things we all want such as parks or more open space?

By using compostable gloves and other products, you aren’t adding to the growing amount of space reserved for landfills. Instead, these products can be absorbed by the soil to be converted into useful fertilizer rather than left to emit methane in the landfill and contribute to climate change.

Safer for Environment & Recyclable

Because plastic takes hundreds of years to biodegrade, microorganisms inside of the regular plastic product will decompose in an unnatural manner. In a 2018 study it now shows that plastic, when exposed to sunlight or solar radiation, emits greenhouse gases. These are the gases that contribute to the climate change we experience on Earth. This effects every living organism on the planet.

By using a truly compostable product like Eco Gloves, you are contributing to the safe care of mother nature. Our gloves will biodegrade to a minimum of 90% and the resulting product will turn into biomass, CO2 and water, as part of the degradation process. 

Contact Eco Gloves to Learn More about the Benefits of Compostable Gloves

Here at Eco Gloves, we've helped many business owners realize the endless benefits of compostable gloves. It's important to understand that not all compostable products are created equally, which is why our gloves are 100% certified compostable meaning they have passed the ASTM 6400 (international) and EN 13432 (European) standards for home and commercial composting. 

If you're new to sustainable products for your business and need a little extra help, the experts at Eco Gloves can walk you through the process, explain how it can help transform your business, and help you choose the best compostable gloves for your business.

Article credit: Melissa Le