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Disposable nitrile gloves

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What's going on with Bulk and Wholesale Gloves?

The two types of gloves in highest demand right now are Cardinal Health and Cranberry Gloves. Buyers are looking for 4mm thickness that are durable enough to use in multiple applications including surgical, exam, and cleanroom.

Both Cardinal Health and Cranberry are trusted glove manufacturers for doctors officers, hospitals, and dentistries. Unfortunately, the demand has grown so massive, that manufacturing facilities are having a hard time to keep up.

Disposable Nitrile Gloves are Experiencing Global Shortage

Unless you've been previously sourcing from a company, suppliers have become very strict with who they sell to. We've seen some suppliers limit purchases to only previous customers, and other suppliers require proof of funds and a PO upfront before even taking a phone call.

When using gloves for medical purposes, only use FDA and 501 (k) certified product with full documentation. For non-medical and non-life critical purposes, you can find alternatives to fit your needs. To repeat, if you will not be using the gloves for supporting or sustaining life or of substantial importance, and they may not present a potential unreasonable risk of illness or injury, you can find other solutions.


Where can you find Nitrile Gloves in stock?

There are a number of suppliers with manufacturing facilities throughout the world. Most of the glove manufacturers will be coming through Asia, and export to various countries around the world. You can purchase through ecommerce websites such as At our company, we've experienced extremely high demand that is requiring us to begin manufacturing sometimes 6 months in advance. We recommend all of our customers to stock up with enough need to last them many months.


Managing Quality Control and Suppliers

Some ways that customers are managing quality control is requesting safety documentation upfront. They are also using escrow services for orders that are in the billions of gloves. Always trust who you are purchasing from by doing proper due diligence beforehand.

Are there are alternatives?

Yes, there are alternatives as we mentioned above for non-medical use immediately. Eco Gloves also offers a nitrile compostable glove solution.


Learn More about Eco Gloves Compostable Gloves

The impact of PPE such as nitrile gloves is going to be massive over the next couple years. If you are interested in an alternative, contact us or visit our website.